Something Unique.

🌺 Hilbish is the new Moon-powered interactive shell for Lua fans!
Extensible, scriptable, configurable: All in Lua. ✨

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Simple and Easy Scripting

Hilbish is configured and scripted in the Lua programming language. This removes all the old, ugly things about Shell script and introduces everything good about Lua, including other languages (Fennel, Lua derivatives).

History and Completion Menus

Hilbish provides the user with proper menus for completions and history usage. Want to see your previous commands? Hit Ctrl-R.

Tons of Features, and More to Come

Hilbish offers a bunch of features to make your interactive shell experience rich. Things like syntax highlighting and hinting available via the Lua API.

Customizable and Extensible via an accessible Lua API

Want to change the language used for interactive input? Or maybe monitor and notify for the output of background jobs? Have a real-time updating prompt? All this can be done in Hilbish!

Why not just Lua?

Hilbish is your interactive shell as well as a just a Lua interpreter and enhanced REPL.

Try It Today!

Hilbish is known to run on the 3 major platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) but likely builds on other Unixes! Windows doesn't work as well as it should, so if you're a Windows user, say something!