v2.1 Release

The release with full changelogs and prebuilt binaries can be seen at the v2.1.0 tag. Oh look! A new release of Hilbish! This time is the v2.1 release, with a small amount of features and mainly documentation changes and bug fixes. Documentation There have been a few documentation enhancements for this release. This includes: Adding the return types for all functions that need them Documenting Hilbish types like job objects and timers properly.

Hilbish v2.0 Release

Hilbish v2.0 has been released! Well actually, it was released a week ago, but I only wrote this Hilbish blog after that. This is a big release, coming 9 months after the previous v1.2.0 and featuring over 40+ bug fixes and tons of new features and enhancements, so let’s see what is in this release. Documentation When querying about the problems people have with Hilbish, one of the issues was its poor documentation.


Steps on how to install Hilbish on all the OSes and distros supported.

Welcome to the Hilbish blog

Hello! Welcome to the Hilbish blog. This will mainly contain release announcements and some other things relating to Hilbish (development).