Official Binaries

The best way to get Hilbish is to get a build directly from GitHub. At any time, there are 2 versions of Hilbish recommended for download: the latest stable release, and development builds from the master branch.

You can download both at any time, but note that the development builds may have breaking changes.

For the latest stable release, check here:
For a development build:


To read the steps for compiling Hilbish, head over to the GitHub repository.

Package Repositories

Methods of installing Hilbish for your Linux distro.

Fedora (COPR)

An official COPR is offered to install Hilbish easily on Fedora. Enable the repo:

1sudo dnf copr enable sammyette/Hilbish

And install Hilbish:

1sudo dnf install hilbish

Or for the latest development build from master:

1sudo dnf install hilbish-git

Arch Linux (AUR)

Hilbish is on the AUR. Setup an AUR helper, and install. Example with yay:

1yay -S hilbish

Or, from master branch:

1yay -S hilbish-git

Alpine Linux

Hilbish is currentlty in the testing/edge repository for Alpine. Follow the steps here (Using testing repositories) and install:

1apk add hilbish